The Netherlands: An Exciting Match for MIT Talent

[caption: Mart Duitemeijer, Attaché at the Netherlands Innovation Network in Boston, presents at a Dutch cultural training for departing MIT summer interns]


Are you considering interning at an innovative startup, a pioneering research institute, or a global company to further your career? Make sure the Netherlands is at the top of your list for places to consider! In addition to its well-earned reputation for innovation and collaboration, it boasts a welcoming, international-friendly environment.

MIT students are learning all about it through the MISTI MIT-Netherlands program, which matches students with exciting internships and prepares them for success in the Netherlands. This summer some 19 students will be all over the country, working on projects related to climate change, global health, sustainable agriculture, and much more, at startups, companies, and institutions both big and small.

In addition to the country’s reputation, part of what has made the Netherlands so attractive for MIT students is future opportunities there, including a special orientation year permit for recent graduates. This progressive visa program is specifically designed for graduates of top universities and details with a video are available. If you’re interested in learning more information, a recently created platform will allow you to explore what it’s like to live and work in the Netherlands, and you can learn about top companies in the Netherlands and startup job opportunities here.

Be sure to check back here later this summer for more updates and first impressions from our great group of students in the Netherlands!