Zhenny Gong Summer 2023

Learn about Zhenny's internship at Awasar Agritech!

This summer, Zhenny Gong (Management '23) is interning at Awasar Agritech in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Read the interview below with Zhenny to learn more!

How do you get to work? How do you get around in general?

Awasar doesn’t have a formal office so I walk or take a taxi to the multitude of coffee shops nearby. Nepal has really good coffee and I’ve really enjoyed the chance to explore so many different local spots!

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What is your work/internship like day-to-day?

I’m working as a Business Development intern this summer and am currently primarily engaging with many of the NGOs and private organizations around Nepal that focus on agriculture. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit the national plant pathology lab in Nepal, which was so cool and fascinating to see the work they do in labs behind-the-scenes.

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What is an aspect of your work that you're excited about?

It’s been really insightful to connect with all of the organizations that do some incredible work related to agriculture in Nepal. Climate change, my area of focus outside of MISTI, has drastically impacted farming practices and how people live their daily lives in the country. I’m excited at the opportunity I have to proactively help farmers work with the inevitable complexities that global warming presents.

Have you visited any new/exciting places?

I started the summer by trekking to Everest Base Camp, which was an incredible first few weeks in the country. It’s definitely made me want to conquer some of the other amazing peaks within Nepal as well.

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Have you tried any new foods you enjoyed or seen anything new?

I’ve been eating my fair share of Dal Bhat and momos, which I certainly can’t complain about. Surprisingly, the pizza in Nepal has been really good too. The photo is of me and some friends I’ve made at a popular sekuwa (Nepali barbecue) restaurant.

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Zhenny work

Zhenny work