“This internship was really interesting because it utilized mathematics, computer science, and finance - three of my major areas of study.”
Joseph Chism MIT' 15 with his internship supervisor Denis Zvonov at Sberbank Technologies

Accelerated Computing

During his three month internship with Sberbank Technologies, Joseph Chism developed a prototype that with the help of Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) can accelerate computing and calculate financial and market risks to a portfolio of up to 1024 bonds.  For Sberbank Technologies, which is an IT branch of Russia’s largest bank, the GPU-accelerated prototype developed by Joseph can be used to determine financial risks in real time. For most of the businesses nowadays, the turnaround time is an important factor of success. In banking, the ability to predict financial risks directly relates to the ability to make profit.

“The prototype developed by Joseph, might significantly improve and speed up Sberbank’s operations in the future, ” says Denis Zvonov, one of Joseph’s supervisors at Sberbank Technologies. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with MIT and other foreign technical universities and provide their students with an opportunity to work on challenging projects at Sberbank Technologies,” – he adds.

Hosting an MIT Student

For the team of Sberbank software engineers, the experience of working with Joseph was especially rewarding. As many people on the team graduated from Moscow Physics and Technology Institute, a Russian version of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it was especially interesting to meet an MIT student and test his knowledge of a challenging task that lies at the intersection of mathematics, finance and software engineering. 

“From the very first moment of my internship with Sberbank Technologies, I realized that it is a dynamic company of experts, ” says Joseph. “I was treated so warmly at Sberbank, that I even forgot about my pre-departure worries of how an American student, who just started learning Russian, can find his place in a Russian company. ”

Beyond One Internship

Joseph was recently recognized for his contribution to the host organization by MISTI Excellence Award . This coming summer, he is planning to go to Sberbank Technologies through MIT-Russia again to continue the work he started last year.

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