Stories & Experiences

Fischer in front of a fjord in Norwya

A fun and fulfilling experience in Norway

Fischer interned at Kongsberg Maritime while living in Oslo, Norway. His project was to use machine learning to attempt

iwd poster

IWD 2022: South Asian Voices Event

On March 8 we were joined by students, alumni, and faculty at our International Women's Day event where we heard from

Alex and a friend playing a game at an arcade near Shibuya

Alex Kimn, Physics, '19

For my internship, SHI offered me a choice between a project focused in bio-medical engineering and another more

Brian Mills posing for a moment while at work

Brian Mills, Physics 2019, travels to Chigasaki, Kanagawa, to work with ULVAC

ULVAC specializes in the design and manufacture of vacuum technologies and a wide range of technologies that require

Nick Martin standing in a stadium full of people at a soccer/football match

Mechanical engineering student Nick Martin teaches physics in Barcelona

Nick collaborated as an educator across cultures in Spain to bring new perspectives to the physics classroom. Using past

Shaun Datta in a classroom teaching students in a very engaging hands-on manner

Senior Shaun Datta teaches physics and math(s) in Barcelona, Spain

Shaun had a dream to visit CERN, but he didn't expect that his teaching role in Spain would bring him to the mecca of

Mark Mockett posing with Barcelone in the distant background

GTL student Mark Mockett teaches math and physics in Barcelona

A student focusing on transportation systems, Mark did not expect the potential applications of his MIT studies. Reaping

Himalaya moutain range

MIT faculty and students collaborate with Indian researchers to explore tectonic structures in the Himalayas

Through MISTI Global Seed Funds and MIT-India, Professor Oliver Jagoutz and students have sought to better understand

Student intern Tomohiro Soejima in lab coat

Tomohiro Soejima

This internship gave me a great opportunity to explore a new world, in terms of both science and life. On one hand, I