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At MISTI, we believe that to bring ‘Mens et Manus’ to life, students need to participate in fully immersive international experiences. They gain an informed perspective that shapes impactful careers in an interconnected world of globalized industry and research.

By supporting MISTI, you help ensure that nearly 1,000 students per year have the opportunity to take their education abroad, tackle the world’s greatest challenges through hands-on learning, and foster community with other cultures.

Your support can be: unrestricted; dedicated to one of MISTI’s impact areas, or focused on a specific country or region.


MISTI drastically changed the course of my future career. It opened doors, gave me the opportunity to understand what I was passionate about, and finally led to an incredible social enterprise start-up journey.

MISTI alumna and founder of startup company Essmart
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Funds can be focused on a specific impact area; Artificial Intelligence, Climate and Sustainability, Global Health, and Social Impact; or cross-impact area.



  • A $10,000 gift would create an opportunity for at least one student.
  • A $100,000 gift would create opportunities for at least ten students.
  • A major gift commitment of $500,000 over five years would fund ten students per year for five years.

Global Classroom (Faculty-Led Programs)

  • A $50,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 1 program for 10 students.
  • A $250,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 5 faculty-led projects for 50 students.

Location-specific funds

Silhouette of MIT student in Japan

Originally launched nearly 40 years ago as the MIT-Japan Program, MISTI has expanded to include opportunities for students and faculty through dozens of location-specific programs. A transformational endowment of $5M would ensure the capacity to run a country program, serving dozens of students each year, in perpetuity.

Carroll L. Wilson Fund

Student Nina on a bench in front of a mountain

The Carroll L. Wilson Fund provides an opportunity for one or more MISTI students to pursue a challenging international activity aimed at making a tangible and transformative impact in society. The Fund particularly, but not exclusively, supports projects that deal with challenges in energy, health, technology, the environment, sustainability, and/or science

Students on a rock in India

These funded internships might be focused on specific fields (i.e. energy, health, environment) or geographic areas.

  • A $250,000 endowment would fully fund at least one MIT student each year in perpetuity.
  • A $1M endowment would fully fund a cohort of students each year in perpetuity.

Decoding Language Barriers

Virginia Adams in China

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