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MIT’s Global Startup Labs (GSL) program cultivates young innovation-driven entrepreneurs by empowering MIT students to teach entrepreneurship courses at partner universities around the world. 

As an MIT GSL student instructor, you’ll give aspiring young entrepreneurs a valuable foundation in problem-solving, principles of engineering, and entrepreneurial thinking while you are enriched by a unique international experience.

Global Startup Labs

Through MIT Global Startup Labs, you’ll awaken young people to the possibilities of innovation-driven entrepreneurial ventures by teaching courses at a university abroad—from entrepreneurship and app development to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You and a team of three other MIT students will develop (with MISTI’s guidance) curriculum materials on innovation-driven entrepreneurship that will enable aspiring young entrepreneurs around the world to develop startups.

Depending on the location and year, GSL programs run twice a year: 3–4 weeks during January IAP and 4–8 weeks beginning in mid-June/early July.

  • 4.0+ GPA
  • To be eligible to participate in the program as an entrepreneurship lead, MIT students must complete at least one MIT entrepreneurship course or one online course available through edX.
  • All undergraduates are encouraged to take 15.373 Venture Engineering. Graduate students are encouraged to take 15.390 New Enterprises.
  • Preference is given to applicants with teaching experience.
  • Excellent communication skills

There are no language requirements, but priority may be given to students with knowledge of the language and/or culture.

MIT-Brazil Global Startup Labs: Health

MIT-Uruguay Global Startup Labs: Data Science; Machine Learning; Entrepreneurship

Before your GSL, you’ll attend MISTI Prep and Training sessions on teaching and culture designed to help you make the most of your experience abroad. Schedule will be provided as soon as sessions are confirmed.

MISTI programs are designed to be cost-neutral, meaning your experience is being fully funded by generous MISTI donors, your host company, or a combination of both. All program expenses are covered, including airfare and housing, and you’ll receive a stipend for living expenses.

Complete the MIT GSL Application:

Apply Here


misti-gsl [at] (Contact Ekaterina (Katya) Zabrovski)

Important: Application Deadlines and Timeline

GSL Deadline and Timeline (IAP)

  • Application opens: September 1
  • Application deadline: September 22
  • Interview with GSL Program Manager: Qualified candidates will be contacted within a week to schedule.
  • Confirm participation: Within two weeks of receiving an official offer from GSL Program Manager
  • Mandatory pre-departure trainings: October-November

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