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Each MISTI program is led by one or more senior members of the MIT faculty who sets the program's strategic direction and ensures its educational quality. MISTI faculty directors and advisors are world-class scholars who have longstanding ties to the countries in which their programs operate and who share a commitment to practical education.

MISTI Faculty Directors & Advisors

Tayo Akinwande Headshot

Tayo Akinwande

Faculty Director Empowering the Teachers

Sana Aiyar headshot with blurred background of green luscious trees

Sana Aiyar

Associate Faculty Member MIT-India|South Asia

Mercedes Balcells Headshot

Mercedes Balcells

Faculty Director MIT-Spain

Eran Ben-Joseph Headshot

Eran Ben-Joseph

Faculty Director MIT-Israel

John Brisson Headshot

John Brisson

Faculty Director MIT-Singapore

Phil Budden Headshot

Phil Budden

Faculty Director MIT-United Kingdom

Jung-Hoon Chun Headshot

Jung-Hoon Chun

Faculty Director Jae S. Lim MIT-Korea Program

Cathy Culot Headshot

Cathy Culot

Faculty Co-Director MIT-Belgium

Olivier de Weck Headshot

Olivier de Weck

Faculty Director MIT-Switzerland

r john hansman misti mit portugal co director

R. John Hansman

Co-Director MIT-Portugal

Doug hart mit portugal misti co director

Doug Hart

Co-Director MIT-Portugal

Mai Hassan headshot

Mai Hassan

Faculty Director MIT-Africa

Yasheng Huang Headshot

Yasheng Huang

Faculty Director MIT-China

Eric Klopfer Headshot

Eric Klopfer

Faculty Director Global Teaching Labs

Daniel Jackson Headshot

Daniel Jackson

Faculty Director MEET

Patrick Jaillet Headshot

Patrick Jaillet

Faculty Director MIT-France

David Keith Headshot

David Keith

Faculty Director MIT-Australia & New Zealand

Philip Khoury Headshot

Philip Khoury

Faculty Director MIT-Arab World

Evan Lieberman Headshot

Evan Lieberman

Faculty Director MISTI

Paulo Lozano Headshot

Paulo Lozano

Faculty Director MIT-Mexico

Fiona Murray Headshot

Fiona Murray

Faculty Director MIT-UK

Brad Olsen Headshot

Brad Olsen

Faculty Director MIT-Brazil

Christine Ortiz Headshot

Christine Ortiz

Faculty Advisor MIT-Israel

Scot Osterweil Headshot

Scot Osterweil

Faculty Director Global Teaching Labs

Jaime Peraire Headshot

Jaime Peraire

Faculty Director MIT-Spain

Carlo Ratti Headshot

Carlo Ratti

Faculty Director MIT-Italy

Richard Samuels Headshot

Richard Samuels

Faculty Director MIT-Japan

Ben Ross Schneider Headshot

Ben Ross Schneider

Faculty Director MIT-Chile

Pawan Sinha Headshot

Pawan Sinha

Faculty Director MIT-India

C. Cem Tasan Headshot

C. Cem Tasan

Faculty Director MIT-Netherlands

Kathleen Thelen Headshot

Kathleen Thelen

Faculty Director MIT-Denmark & Interim Faculty Director MIT-Germany 

Elizabeth Wood Headshot

Elizabeth Wood

Faculty Co-Director MIT-Eurasia

Headshot of Areg Danagoulian in a suit, dark background and ray of orange light illuminating Areg's face from the left

Areg Danagoulian

Faculty Co-Director MIT-Eurasia